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Medical concept of hormones. Hormonal th

We will discuss your personal goals and healthcare needs as well as whether or not the benefits of metabolic and hormone testing/treatments are a right fit for you. A visit by the provider will be performed in your privacy and convenience of your own home for more in-depth evaluation and any needed lab draws.


We partner with four specialty labs to bring a wide range of testing capabilities far beyond standard blood work performed in most clinics. These tests can detect markers of Leaky Gut, Allergies, Detoxification, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer prevention, Dementia & more can provide a much better picture of your overall health. 

Specialty Lab Testing

  • Basic Labs

  • Gut & Detox Assessment Profile

  • Cardiovascular Markers

  • Cancer Prevention Markers

  • Dementia Marker​s

  • Cortisol Awakening Response & Adrenal Fatigue

  • Comprehensive Hormone Testing & Metabolites

  • Advanced Oxidative Stress Testing

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We offer various methods of weight loss and discuss the underlying causes of obesity as well as customized approaches to fit your weight loss needs.

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We offer multiples injection options for relieving chronic joint pain, including:

  • Visco-supplementation

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

  • Stem cells

(If you are a candidate for one of these therapies, the procedure will be performed in your own home for your convenience.)

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